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We are so certain of our own unambiguity while drowning in our own ambiguity. We are swimming in technical systems. We call them “tech,” to encompass, entertainment, politics, law, media, and let it all pass in the name of job creation, like that’s not ambiguous. We do not understand WTF is going on around us in terms of suffering and are unwilling to admit it. We cannot behave that way in our organizations and survive. We need to work on our ambiguity issue so we can agree on the right behavior for the right circumstance. We need to construct a shared narrative based around truth telling, not black and white truth, but truth with shades of grey. We ought to agree on what clean is so we can make sure we feed clean water to our kids. Ambiguity punishes weakness and rewards power without evaluating power’s legitimacy. We need to question power’s ROI. A society allows one to become powerful. What does one do for that society in return for that power, that privilege, trying to colonize outer space or doing something here on earth? There is no such thing as post truth. We are smart. We just need to work harder at the truth.