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There was NY Times story on Friday, that may arguably be described as The Introduction to the Mueller Investigation Revelation Sessions. It was a dense read and unless it was your full-time job, you’d need some help deciphering aspects of it, but it was making the connections. The fabric of the story, the timeline. Just exactly what real evidence led to the beginning of the Mueller investigation? Just because Hillary was crooked, doesn’t mean Trump was clean.

None of that matters though because there is something more pressing.  800,000 federal workers spread out in nearly all the states have been unsure if they are getting paid for 22 days. In America according to some data sources around 70% of the population, like 200 million people, live from check to check and would have a hard time raising $2,000 on short notice. That’s most people. The federal workers of America are caught in a cold war between elements of the former Soviet Union, and the United States Government.

There is a guy who is possibly a Russian asset threatening the entire apparatus of our federal government and bringing parts of it to a halt. These are the people supporting the people who are taking care of us every day! Let’s pay them!

None of that matters though because there is something even more pressing. We need to reopen the apparatus and put our government back to work. We need to pay our government workers. The government is us. Do you know people in the coast guard; air marshals, prison doctors, park rangers? These folks are people we know. Reagan was either misinformed, had an agenda, or was dead wrong. The government is not your enemy. When the stuff really hits the fan, when hurricanes hit, when you need help, it’s the government who is your friend; sometimes your only one. It’s tough out there, so let’s put our people back to work.

Mitch McConnell needs to realize that we need to reopen the government and then discuss walled, or wall-less border security like sane patriots. This is because in a democracy, the needs of the many are supposed to outweigh the greed of a few.