• They do MATTER! - By denying black history in its gruesome detail, we deny ourselves our own amazing history. Thus, the history of the United States becomes a history of denial.  But we have no choice. To go back and explain the reality of our history as intertwined with African and Native American history is to question the nature and quality of… ... Read More
  • Patricia Okoumou - Patricia Okoumou is an American hero who acted in our great tradition of peaceful civil disobedience. Before the Montgomery bus boycott racial segregation was mandated by Jim Crow laws. When Rosa Parks refused to go the back of the bus, she too broke the law. Martin Luther King Jr., writing from his cell in a Birmingham Alabama prison… ... Read More
  • BYO Bag Movement - Boston joins growing unity of cities worldwide to take this simple step toward helping our planet recover from the ravages of the past couple of centuries of industrialization. Our cities are the leadership centers for the fight for climate change and for realigning ourselves w/ the environment like our ancestors used to before cities, the time of villages.… ... Read More

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