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The best that our best legal minds keep giving us are 5-4 decisions. 5-4 might be a majority, but it it’s not a victory. It’s a goddamn stalemate! It means you have to go back to the drawing board not the champagne celebration. It means half the country is at best confused, at worst, enraged. We must learn to rule by consensus for things that count. Otherwise, a group of white guys will get to determine the fate of women. Does a woman have a right to determine what she does with her own body or not? Can we decide that once and for all?

Can we not sugarcoat it, and give it fancy legal names and cover it in euphemisms like pro-life when we mean that a woman’s body is a vassal for the state’s sense of self-righteousness? Can we just get that over with once and for all? What’s next? Will we rescind women’s right to vote too? We have the majority; why not?

Can southern states with a Republican majority decide that it’s ok for the people of one race to start owning the people of another race again? Is that next? It’s obvious they miss it. Majority rule, right?

The Trump administration’s greatest contribution has been to expose the complete and utter catastrophe that is our legal system. We’ve always known that there are several justice systems. There’s one for the rich and one for the poor. There’s one if you’re black, and one if you’re everybody else. But there was never a doubt that it worked. It just worked differently for different classes of people.

Today, it’s clear that we don’t really have laws just an agreement among the ruling class not to act like total assholes, and that shipped sailed on January 20, 2017, around 12:00 noon EST. But our legal system doesn’t even work for lawyers.

And what’s with all the waiting? Emergency rooms have triage; why can’t courts? Is there ANYTHING in the country more important than a constitutional crisis? Why does it take the SCOTUS two months to hand down what it thinks about the POTUS being declared above the law by the AG?

Why does it take months to figure out where we stand with the important stuff so we can get on with our lives? Don’t American women have the right to know as quickly as possible how screwed they really are?

Let’s see, Congress only thinks it can investigate the President; apparently, it can’t. In fact, the POTUS cannot be criminally charged and so heck, what’s the point of investigating if he can’t be charged? Nixon is turning over in his grave screaming, “why couldn’t I get some of that? At least, I had decent policies!”

But our division makes perfect sense and it’s right under our noses. Blame Facebook all you want, but you can’t have a country NOT be divided 50-50 when its courts are divided 5-4 all the time, for anything that counts. If our smartest judges can’t agree what their own laws means, than what’s the point of having laws?